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What's New for Fall

Let’s talk about fall fashion trends. Even you’re not a style maven who takes fashion week off as a holiday, it’s nice to see one tradition that the pandemic hasn’t ruined. No matter what’s going on politically, socially, or personally, the earth continues around the sun, the weather cools, and the fall fashion trends appear.

But let me give you my semiannual disclaimer about trends. They are just that. They come and go. Your style is eternal. Think of it this way: trends are what you can buy. Style is the filter that decides what actually gets into your closet. If a trend doesn’t suit you, let it pass you by like a cloud on a windy day. Sometimes you’ll love almost all of the trends, and some seasons you just realize how much money you’re going to save by not buying clothes. You decide what works for you.

So here are some of the biggest:


  • Plaids, Checks, and Houndstooth

  • Shearling (that material that looks like lamb’s wool)

  • Animal Print (especially python)

  • Floral and Camo

  • Shine, Sparkle, and Glitter (even on face masks)

The overall look is relaxed with just enough interesting details. This is exactly how you'd expect the world to dress after months of a quarantine. We all want to put some effort into our style, but we're not about to give up our comfy clothes.

So which trends would you really wear? Let me know in the comments below, and email me if you want to know more about which ones look best on you.

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