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Meet Denyse

I am Denyse Blasdel, a redeemed child of God. God has called me to equip and strengthen women to live faithful lives in the modern world. These are my core beliefs:

  • Any problem you will face in life has also been dealt with by someone in the Bible. Maybe they made wise, God-honoring decisions, maybe not. Either way, the stories of individual’s interactions with God serve as our own road map to life.

  • Believing that Jesus died and rose to give you eternal life does not guarantee a pain free existence. Sorry for that downer, but truth at the beginning spares so much heartache later. Instead, faith is like an umbrella that keeps you dry in the storm. 

  • Speaking of hard truth, God has called me to write the truth. It is at times beautiful, ugly and hard. But as Jesus said, truth always set us free. Along the way, no doubt the truth will at times be hard for me to tell. I pledge to tell God’s truth as gently and respectfully as possible. No doubt I will fail at times and then I will lean on God’s mercy and your understanding.

  • God has redeemed me not because of anything I have ever done to deserve His love, but simply because He wanted to. I cannot earn God’s love. The relief to that is that I don’t have to strive for it, earn it or make sure I’ve got enough good deeds in my account to buy it. Knowing that God will pick me up after I fail has set me free to succeed.

What else influences my faith journey? I was not raised in a Christian home, so I work at giving my family a legacy of faith that will be their umbrella when life rains down hardship.


I have lived in four states: Texas, Missouri, Iowa and California. I am wife to a pastor and the love of my life. We are raising three teen and preteen sons in the Houston metroplex.


My favorite passions are food, fashion and movies. I love the beach, the Redwood Forest, and any food festival.


Thank you for stopping by.  I pray my work gives you some guidance or companionship on your faith journey.

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