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What You Need to Know About Quarantine

I’ve been quarantined before. Eleven years ago I went into preterm labor with my youngest son. I spend Holy Week in the hospital on bed rest. My pastor husband had to spend the week prepping Easter services while caring for a six-year-old and a three-year-old, so I was alone most of the time.

I’m telling you that so that you will know this:

I didn’t spend the time writing a masterpiece, learning a new language, or reading every Christian book in print. I really didn’t do anything productive. And I’ve never regretted that.

There’s a difference between rest and laziness. I knew at the end of all of this I was going to have to care for two young children and a preemie. I knew I would need all of my strength for the coming days.

Please remember that not all growth ends with a completed project you can display. Eleven years ago, I was doing exactly what I needed to do: resting and gathering strength for the next phase of my life, when I knew I’d need all the energy I could muster. I wasn’t lazy, I was resting.

So right now if you’re not remodeling the house, learning a whole new career or writing a bestseller, give yourself a break. Maybe God has you right here for one reason: to simply rest, reflect, and gather the strength for whatever big thing He is going to ask you to do after. After the sun comes out, after the church doors reopen, and after the world rebuilds and need you to help.

Remember, love God, serve others and take care of yourself.

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